For a limited time, we’re cutting the member loan rate on a new Home Equity Line of Credit!

Use your home‘s equity for any major expense and relax, knowing that our special rate is good for 12 months!
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1This is a promotional rate offer. After the 12-month promotional period your rate will revert to as low as 4.25% APR and will vary thereafter. The actual APR may be higher based on the credit worthiness of each applicant. This offer expires 12/31/17.
2 Annual Variable APR is based on the Money Rates section of The Wall Street Journal “Prime Rate” (“Prime”) published on the first business day of February. Interest rate changes take effect on April 1st of each year the line of credit is in existence. Maximum annual increase is 2.0% APR, Maximum lifetime APR 18%, Minimum APR 4.25%. 1- to 4-family owner-occupied properties only. This is a variable rate Home Equity Line of Credit secured by a mortgage on your home. No annual fee and no minimum balance requirement. Buffalo Service Credit Union (BSCU) will pay closing costs. Exclusions may apply. If you terminate the line of credit within the first 36 months from day of closing you must repay all closing costs. All accounts are subject to individual approval. Property insurance naming BSCU as mortgagee is required. Flood insurance may be required. Rates apply to new accounts and may not be applied to existing accounts. Other terms and conditions may apply.
3 Consult your tax adviser.